"A first chance to look at Family and Friends' Dolls Houses - a jaw dropping achievement, a just stunning production and it makes me faint to think of all the work you must have put in to get it to this point.  I like it that the content is so rich and intense, it means a small dip into it every now and then satisfies, too many pages turned is bewildering - it should last me for a good few months or until your next one comes out...

Very many congratulations,  Jane"


"Dear Liza,

Your treat no 2 came in this morning!!!! I couldn't write before as I was too busy taking a first "tour" of it. OMG!!! It is as perfect as volume 1...I am over the moon and on cloud 9! This is the best gift I could give myself and the absolute best start to 2018! Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing about such treasure of information. I am truly at a loss for words...I need to go back to perusing!!! Best regards and congratulations for a work of art! Claire...in awe!!!"



"What can we say, another exquisite volume.  Congratulations!  Thank you for your passion, enthusiasm and hard work, and for the pleasure, interest, and education you bestow on your readers.

Thank the powers that be for Liza. Carrie & David."


 "Hello Liza,

Just a huge thank you for the wonderful No 2 book, it’s beautiful just like No 1 . 
All the hard work, dedication & research!
Feet up this afternoon, pot of tea, & a jolly good read. 
Very Best Wishes, Deborah."


"Thank you so much for another exquisite book, and the perfect companion to book 1. Both are a treasure trove of beautiful images and interesting facts, which just wouldn't be the same without your inimitable writing style. As an avid bookworm with a rather large collection of books on dolls houses, there is no doubt this pair are my absolute favourites, and if anything unfortunate were to happen at home they would be top of my rescue list!

Your hard work & dedication to both books is very much appreciated. Cath"