May 6th.

My job is done. Just a few more labels for the walls to be hung, and we're off. Home for a well-earned rest before the launch on Friday night.

May 3rd.

All set up and nearly ready to open to the public. A few minor tweaks to sort out and then we're off.

April 18th 2015.

Houses are packed and ready to go to Bath. Setting up from 27th till I drop, or the job is done. I hope there will be plenty of visitors to make all the hard work worthwhile.

February 1st 2015.

Plans for the exhibition are well under way, and it will run from 9th May until November, so I hope you will be able to pay us a visit. There will be eight of my houses, as well as a kitchen, pedlar dolls and shops.

November 28th 2014.

Just sold my 500th copy (in English). It's a real milestone, and encourages me to keep going on Volume 2.

October 19th 2014.

There is an exhibition planned at 1 Royal Crescent next year of some of my collection. It is a wonderful venue,  run by the Bath Preservation Trust, and worth a visit even without the dolls' houses, but I hope they will prove to be of interest to many of the visitors to Bath. It will probably run from May to some time in November , so there is plenty of time to plan a visit.

May 13th 2014.

Just shows how long it's been since I had any news to speak of. I have written a piece for the Antique Collector's Club magazine which will appear some time in the next couple of months. And I have finally made a start on Volume 2. Watch this space, but don't hold your breath. I think it will be a long haul.

September 21st.

Feature coming up in the November issue of Interiors, out on 8th October. Should reach a new audience.

May 5th.

Fantastic article in the Journal of Design History. The author really understands what I was trying to do, so hopefully, when it is more readily available, it will result in some new sales.

April 17th.

Very nice review in Apollo, although I haven't seen the other one yet. I think it's only available (at a price) on line at present. No other book news, and not much in the dolls' house department either.

March 11th.

The Apollo piece has got put back to the April issue. Apologies if anyone bought the previous one. There is also a review coming up in The Journal of Design History, published twice yearly by Oxford University Press.

January 19th, 2013.

Look out for an article in Apollo Magazine's March issue.

September 29th.

I will be doing a book signing at the London Dolls' House Festival at Kensington Town Hall on 24th November.

September 19th

Will be at Miniatura this weekend at the NEC in Birmingham, along with some copies of the books, and some wallpapers I've made. Hope to see some of you there.


August 9th.

If anyone is in the West Country, please come and see me at the Bridport Literary Festival on November 13th. I hope it will be interesting. A new experience for me, anyway.

April 7th.

Listen out for a feature on Woman's Hour some time in the next 2 to 3 weeks on Ladies Guild and the Ragged Schools.

March 2012

The book is now officially published and available from me, I will be putting it on Amazon, but postponing that as long as possible, as it is so expensive to sell through them, especially with a book weighing just under 2 kilos with their postage allowance being for paperbacks.

There will be a review in The Spectator this week (ending 23rd March).